Who wore it better? Miley vs. Selena

October 23, 2008 at 5:27 pm | Posted in Miley News, Pictures | 70 Comments



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  1. I like Selena’s overcoat thing better. Other than that though it’s quite funny that the pictures were taken with their legs in almost the exact same positions XD

  2. miley wore so much better you rock love your my super hero girly

  3. miley wore ir da best!!!!!! she always look great

  4. i think selena wore it best but thats my opinion

  5. i think selena is better, she looks so cute and miley looks so so

  6. selena totally wore it better

  7. Selena totally…!!!


  9. selina

  10. Selena

  11. selena for sure

  12. i think selena wore it better! she is always better than miley

  13. selena wore it better everyone knows that

  14. selena daaa she the best

  15. I know that everyone has own views but for me it doesn’t matter who wore it better what matters is they will not hurt somebody

  16. i love selena the most than miley…..
    but the look hanah montana looks more betterer than mileey…
    so i think that selena and hanah are cute……..

  17. selena roxx and she the most prettiest person i`ve ever seen in my world…..

  18. ithink selena wore it best because her coat looks very casual and her belt doesnt look cheap unlike mileys which looks like she put a pair of shoelace as a belt?.lOlss.//
    anyways they both are very talented_xoxo’

  19. Selena of course wore it better. shes the best.

  20. MILEY OFC!!!!!!!she always looks great!!!i lv her style!

  21. selena is da BOMB mileyz jelous cuz of da vid she made and all shez just a disgusting girl cuz ov all the picz anywayz selena is just the prettier girl FACE IT

  22. selena….. i love her outfit better

  23. its so false selena is ogleeeee,look it to miley is very
    original. estan locasssss.

  24. oviously selina she is a young latin pretty girl miley never would were it better than selina.

  25. selena gomez is the most pretty girl and is 100,000,000 more pretty than miley whit the wig and whit no wig she is cool but never better than selena …………..



  27. selena gomez is the most pretty girl and is 100,000,000 more pretty than miley whit the wig and whit no wig she is cool but never better than selena …………..


  28. Obviously, Selena.

  29. i love both they both are soooooooooooo cute but in this pic selena is looking better


  31. SELENA!!!!!!!!! obviously! ☺

  32. Selena! Of course! Miley is borring ¬¬’

  33. ofc selena.selena always looks better than that stupid miley.i think miley is just a kid who tries to act grown up ,shes just a wanna be and a showoff i hate her sooooooooooo much, she is a COMPLETE STUPID IDIOT

  34. miley of course

    she is the best

  35. ya pas match because selena is so natural and so beatiful

  36. miley rockz 4 ever miley fans don’t even thing of quitting cuz we are winning this war!!!!

  37. miley ofc

  38. مايلي احلا بكتير من سيلينا وسيلينا اكتير بشعا

  39. selena of course rocks. she looks causual. miley looks like ahe put anything on.

  40. Miley Cyrus all the way ok selena sucks ass’s I saw this nasty pic of her whering a bro only

  41. millllllllleeeeeeeyyyyyyy all the way selena jus wnts to steal everything she cannot sing and plus in this pic she look like something a truck ran over and killed,she is sssssoooooooooo boring wit that annnoyying smile on her face and miley is fun and wild soo SCREW YOU SELENA look up to miley you……

  42. miley wore it better, selena’s necklace is too much, and i like miley’s purse better.

  43. MILEY


  45. selena and miley = 🙂 love selena and miley

  46. Miley is The BEST !!!
    Selena is a COPYCAT !!!
    She’s outfit looks cute but Milay’s outfit is BETTER !!!

  47. miley!!!!
    i hate selena

  48. i love miley’s outfit….
    hey everyone add me on My Space (ika.fanmileycy@yahoo.com

  49. ich liebe euch

  50. Definitely Selena! She has much better style and fashion sense than trashy Miley Cyrus. I mean look at Cyrus, the outfit doesn’t do any good for her. Selena pulled it together very nicely and the outfits compliments her natural beauty. I ❤ you Selena!

  51. miley wore it better they both have their days. but most of the time miley looks better.

  52. obio es maley cyrus ok

  53. egyformák

  54. I love you}
    You are the best!

  55. Selana obviously wore it better!!!!!!! 100%
    MIley is a total copy cat and to the person who said the necklace was to much well miley’s gigantic purse is too much.The purse is the size of king kong. to the person who said that she saw a pic of selena wearing only a bra (or i think i saw that comment in another site) well miley wore nothing and wanted everyone to see that pic bcuz she is desperate

    that’s right she pole dances and 6 yr olds like her and if they see this vid ^ do u think they will like her no.and her show is not funny and just because she wears a friggin wig no one will notice her everyone will notice her i stil watch the show though and her last name is Montana and her dad’s last name in the show is cyrus aaaaaaaaaaaaa i hate her miley is jealous cuz selena’s show won an emmy award for BEST SHOW EVAAAAAAAAA and miley won an award for best show for hobos miley is jealous and everyone knows that cmon say

  56. SELENA AND I TOTALY AGREE WITH PERSON you don’t know butt ahe neids a spel chekk hahaha

  57. selena

  58. Selena is so much better than miley she sing better she look better her songs are better all Selena Gomez is better than miley and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii llllllooovoeeee veryyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Selena very much i’m her veryyyyyyyy big fan <3<3 <3(L)(L)(K)(K) and i love every body who voted for selenaa

  59. Selena is better

  60. SELENA, obviousllyyyy!

  61. Of course miley wore it better.This should not even be a question.

  62. Miley she`s the best
    Selena is cute too but miley is the best

  63. miley cyrus of course…she is absolutely better than selena!!!!!!!!!!!selena is a bitch

  64. selena of course

  65. Selena is way better also at singing dancing (not poledancing like miley) and acting miley wears metalics(yuk!)

  66. Selina, usually I love what miley wears and she looks great, but with this I think the white coat was much better than a black one, I’m getting kinda tired of black coats, I’ll probable wear my white one more often now that spring is here.

  67. Selena c sur

  68. Selena totally wore it better, cos’ her belt is WAAAY nicer ;D

  69. i think miley wore it better of corse

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