Radio Disney Interview Snippits

January 31, 2009 at 10:30 am | Posted in Miley News | Leave a comment

On messy Miley: “You should come to our house sometime. It’s just me and my dad are messy. I don’t see the big deal if there is wax on the carpet. Put a rug on it…But parents like vacuuming it and cleaning it. You could be having so much fun if you didn’t care what the house looked like. My house will have crayons everywhere. And people can just draw on the walls. Everything’s going to be styrofoam so it can’t be broken. It’s just like a house of craziness. And I want a ball pit right in the center. So then I can jump off my bed into it like at McDonalds!”
On Mileys many pets, including a pet bird that disses her: “I have like 7 dogs. Fluke, Tex, Loco, Shooter, Rody and Sophie. 6. Then I have like a patrillion birds. When you come to my house that squawk 24/7. One of my birds is a boy and his name is Tinkerbell. My sister named it. Over the Christmas break, my brother taught it to say ‘Miley is dumb’. Every time I walk in the room, my bird insults me. It’ll be like ‘Miley is stupid!’ I’ll be like ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this.’ When people come to my house and I’m like I love our house because were so positive and uplifting then its like ‘Miley’s stupid.’ My bird is mean to me. Besides that, we have some really cool animals, like chickens and cows.”
[Credit: Just Jared Jr.]


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