Miley’s Racist Photo

February 3, 2009 at 3:49 pm | Posted in Miley News, Pictures | 1 Comment

Miley Cyrus Photo - Miley Cyrus' Photo Blunder?

Pictures have surfaced on the Internet apparently depicting Miley and Justin stretching their eyelids into slits as they appear to be joking around with friends.  The person who posted the pic on Live Journal seems to think there’s a derogatory connotation to the pose, judging from the headline’s post, “Miley be making fun of the AZN!”
Karen Narasaki, president of the director for the Asian American Justice Center, would seem to agree. “It’s hard to imagine the context where this would be okay,” Narasaki tells CELEBUZZ. “It’s offensive and disappointing. She’ such a role model for young women.”
Miley’s reps have so far been unavailable for comment on the photo.
Credit: Celebuzz
/// Gosh, EVERYONE makes hundreds of mistakes. I feel bad for Miley because every little thing she does goes public and makes headlines. -Rockstar


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  1. Well it’s not really a “mistake.” People will look at a picture and assume many things, when the reality is that they don’t know the context of the situation. If strangers listened in on conversations between me and my friends, they would probably assume I’m racist because I call my friend “Mexican” all the time, almost in a downgrading tone. But this is a lighthearted joke between us, and can’t be judged fairly by outsiders.

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