Old Man: “I know everything about Miley”

March 6, 2009 at 11:37 am | Posted in Miley News | 1 Comment

Mark McLeod, 45, was waiting in a tent with boxes full of jewelry he was planning to bestow on Miley at her New York City book signing. He told NYDN: ‘I know everything about her. Everything. I’m her biggest fan.’ If you see this Miley, be careful over there!

Fan reactions: Sherri B., ‘Miley Cyrus is bigger than the Beatles, oh my God.’ Haley S. crowed, ‘Miley is a goddess, so who cares about the cold? Everything she does is great.’ Savannah O., ‘I’m gonna pass out.Miley looked and sounded exactly as she does on TV. She was awesome. She told me I have nice teeth.’

From Alyssa: ‘I told Miley that I cried about the Prince Charming part and she said ‘OMG me too!’ and laughed. Then I told her I was really into the Jonas Brothers and loved Nick so I asked her for advice.

She said ‘No! Don’t go for him! He doesn’t even like girls!’ then she laughed and said ‘I’m just kidding, he is awesome’. Then she gave me a hug and said ‘Good luck cutie!’


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  1. Miley asked me if i liked the jonas bros and i said absolutly NOT!!! and then she said thata girl.:) I was shocked when i heard nick duped miley for that icky Seleana Gomez.

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