Forbes names Miley Second Most Valuable Teen Star

March 10, 2009 at 10:09 pm | Posted in Miley News | Leave a comment

Forbes has named the MOST VALUABLE [Hollywood’s Top 10 Star Currency Young Actors] teen stars. 1 Danielle Radcliffe 2 Miley Cyrus 3 Dakota Fanning 4 Abigail Breslin 5 Hayden Panettiere 6 Emma Watson 7 Freddie Highmore 8 Keke Palmer  9 Emma 10 Anton Yelchin.

Movie studios now hope that putting youth in front of the camera can help boost sales. Some actors are making enough waves to position themselves as the bankable on-screen kings and queens of tomorrow. In Miley’s case,

she became a star through the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, which has given her a platform to showcase her acting and musical abilities [Two essentials for young actors involved with Disney Channel properties.]

But the different strength Cyrus has going for her is that she’s already more than a performer, she’s a brand. The trick for Cyrus might be, then, when it comes time to hang up her Hannah Montana persona for good, not to over-expose herself. ‘She could be the next Lucille Ball. She’s got the comedic chops.’


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