Miley had a fit about her ‘cankles’.

March 13, 2009 at 3:02 pm | Posted in Miley News | 1 Comment

Miley is featured in the new issue of People and they published an excerpt from Miles to Go: Like lots of girls my age, I can be self-conscious about my looks, but it was clear to me I’d much rather be healthy and normal-sized.
One morning in 2006, I couldn’t get out of bed. I would like to say it was exhaustion or the pressure of new fame, but that truth was, I couldn’t get out of bed because my skin looked awful.
In magazines I’d see this perfect airbrushed version of myself. Then I’d look in the mirror and see reality. Why would God do this to me? I know, I know, melodrama. A few zits don’t exactly make me Job.
But cut me some slack. I really am a teenager. When I read online that people think I have ‘cankles’ [calf-ankles], I kind of had a fit. My dad said, ‘That’s okay, Honey. All the Cyrus women have cankles. You should be proud.’ Thanks, Dad.


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  1. She’s really brave to say this and recognise and admit her self consciousness. Not many teenage girls can do that. Well done, Miley 🙂

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