Miley Off-Roader, Human Hair Wig

April 10, 2009 at 2:52 pm | Posted in Miley News | Leave a comment

Miley on her Hannah wigs: ‘I have five Hannah wigs. I have a long one, another long one, a medium one, a short one and a black wig too. Once in awhile I go upside down and it’ll come off. We glue them down. Yeah. We wash them. It’s like real hair. It’s from a person. It’s a natural thing. They have all sorts of wigs.’

Lucas Till feared for his life when he went off-roading with Miley: ‘We went to Miley’s house.  She has property out there, and she will drive the off-road vehicle and will not let you drive and will almost kill you. We did a lot of that, almost dying. I remember my dad came to pick me up one night and all he could see is the headlights, and the headlights were spinning. He was wondering what happened. She actually spun out a couple times. She was going so fast, and she tried to stop and turn. Yeah, she’s crazy.’

She called me one time asking for help, advice on how to get out of a sticky situation. Apparently she had gotten stuck out there, but she didn’t need a rescue. She figured it out herself.

Miley likes being a good role model: ‘It’s so fun to see the little girls are looking up to me and saying ‘when I grow up, that’s who I want to be like.’ That’s so cool for me. That shows to the little girls that it’s cool to be a good girl.’


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