Miley stole chickens from Hannah Montana set

April 10, 2009 at 7:08 pm | Posted in Miley News | 2 Comments

Miley appeared at a South Jordan, Utah screening of Hannah Montana: The Movie on Friday, reports ABC 4: ‘The previews before the movie had already begun when the projector suddenly stopped and an announcer came out with a microphone explaining they were having technical difficulties.

Miley then walked out in front of hundreds of fans at The District Theater and spoke to hundreds of shocked kids and adults. Miley and Billy Ray then posed for some pictures with some of the kids. The pair was expected to make similar appearances at other locations across the country.

Miley stole a chicken from the HMTM set and took it home as a pet. Jason Earles revealed to FOX News: ‘Miley picked it up thought it was real cute and decided she needed to save this chicken. So she put it in a cardboard box with some pine straw and got her mom to take it home.

She is funny with animals, she was like ‘I have to have that chicken’. She falls in love like you wouldn’t believe.’ Miley
admitted she stole ‘a few chickens because they were sad to be working.’

Will HMTM be a flop like JB3D? Miley: ‘I think there are reasons everything happens and there is no reason to blame it purely on the economy. If it’s a good movie, if it’s a great movie then people will find a way to see it and find a way to relate to it and get you out there.

But there is nothing to worry about, that’s why as an actor you get into it and all you have to worry about is that role. You let other people take care of that and think about that kind of stuff.’



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  1. I cried at the movie. xD

  2. Haha sweet, I might go see it tomorrow.

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