Disney Channel’s Friends of Change Video

May 14, 2009 at 3:21 pm | Posted in Videos | 9 Comments


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  1. I will do eany thing to help the planet

    p.s. thanks yall

  2. demi can i be on your show write back ilove you demi

  3. demi can i be on your show? i love demi. write back

  4. i think we should all yhink about going green green is such a lovely thing we all can help the planet by recycling,planting trres, conserving water&paper

  5. i think thhis websote is good 4 kidssssssssssssssss

  6. I think we should help the planet beacause it make us not to be ill,kids will be safe if the planet is clean and good for kids and adults

  7. me and my freind destiny would like to pieage

  8. If we don’t save the world we willl al.l diy a long and panfol dath but brfor we ddo all tha anmols will than the plants will than we will starve to deth and NOBOTE WONTS THAT and if you litte you will br a rastid and you will olaso be KILLING THE THIS INIASINT PLANT AND ANREY THING THAT LIVS ONIT AS WOA

  9. i would love to help save this plant because we all need a place to live and to recycle like paper and we can spend alot of time save the plant and i also love you guys so much because you all are my role moles including the jonas brothers i really love the jonas brothers

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