Fan: ‘Miley kept me from suicide’

May 16, 2009 at 7:03 pm | Posted in Miley News | 13 Comments

Angel Miley Cyrus has saved fan from committing suicide. Fan posted her tattoo on Twitter: ‘my miley cyrus tattoo. the halo/wings are because she is my angel. miley doesn’t know it but her positive influence kept me from suicide. she is the reason i’m alive today.’



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  1. when i tell people that i love miley cyrus but don’t tell them the reason behind it they look at me and just say “why?”
    miley also saved MY life.
    i found out about miley a week or so after my best friend passed away in the middle of november, 2007.
    if you’ve ever lost someone really close too you’d know what i was going through. i was thinking of committing suicide and was soo close. one more thing to set me off, one more fight with my parents and i wouldn’t be here today.
    i look up to miley today because she is such a positive person, the kind of person that everyone can relate to and a girl you’d want as your best friend.
    i honestly can’t describe how much miley means to me; without even meeting her she has saved my life. she has taught me to believe in myself and see the best of everyone and not be so judgmental.
    miley cyrus has made me the best possible person i could be today.
    i am sure that miley will never let me down and i understand and accept that she will make mistakes and isn’t perfect, just like ANYONE else on this planet.
    it would mean the WORLD to me if miley read this as i want miley to know that she is inspiring so many others and, more than anything, to tell her that i love her.


  2. ps. when i meet miley, yes WHEN, i’m getting her to sign my arm then i’m getting it signed =]

  3. Touching story =)

    I don’t have quite an epic tale to tell, but I also appreciate Miley’s energy and overall outlook upon life. Definitely has influenced my character.

  4. miley should know about this 🙂

  5. This is the kinda stuff that Miley should be told about.
    I respect you for posting this moving piece on here because I know what it’s like to have been in your situation
    The owners of this site should post Sirra’s story as an article (if that’s ok with her)
    It really seems like a lot to her and it would obviously change her life forever if Miley knew about this and there kinds of stories
    I hope Sirra is fine now. It sure seems like it!
    GOD Bless

  6. that is a touching story and i think that miley should read this so that she knows what she is doing for people besides her singing. Miley is obviously a huge role model for sirra. Hope sirra is alright now, and that she will have a lot of support from the people that love her the most.

  7. hi!! my name is irem . I am from turkey. I’m 14 years old and I very love MiLéY!!!!!!….and I Love Belarus.. Belarus for my mail adress :

  8. a miley cyrus tattoo?
    i hope she has a restraining order against you


  9. Miley Cyrus is the coolest person everrr : D!

  10. I Feel The EXACT Same Way About Miley, Accept It Is So So Hard For Me To Even Try And Explain What She Means To Me, Everytime I Try I Just Can Find The Perfect Word That Does Her Justice, Because She Has Done SO MUCH For Me With Out Knowing It, And I Feel That Any Word I Use Is Nt Enough!!. She Has Pulled Me Through The Toughest Of Times. And Sometimes She Is The Only One That Can Make Me Smile, A Real Smile, Not A Fake One. And No Matter What She Has My Support. And I Am Glad That There Is Someone Out There, That Feels The Same Way About Miley As I Do. 🙂 Miley Should Deffantly Know About This. Take Care. Peace.

  11. miley also keptme from suiside.
    she has inspired my life. and km going to see her in december. that night is going to e my life, what ive every waited for
    i trully belive we are soal mates an i havent even met her yet.
    her power her passion her enerjy i love her. an i hope she knows it. so many peopleate her, she needs to realize that the ones that do charish her ever more . i love you. ps im not a creepy person just a girl with a heart.

  12. miley is a great influence

  13. you guys are crazy
    miley is the kind of person who wants to sing for the monney
    she is verry bad and isn’t a roll model for children because she also shows her brah.
    jonas brothers are great

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