Video of Miley and Liam’s kiss for Last Song

June 17, 2009 at 10:16 am | Posted in Videos | 7 Comments


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  1. hoe!!!!

  2. HOE!!!

  3. ehm..sorry but this is a FILM and every second actor have a kiss scene at his film … so chill she isn’t a hoe

  4. but she totally is Lena so just shut up and die because Miley is the biggest hoe on earth basiclly and it is just nasty that she is in a tv on disney channel because little kids watch that and look up to her and just watch when she gets arrested for rape or murder kids will still look up to her and then do that too

  5. oh hell no. this isnt the music from classic pride and prejudice is it. egh. she ruins it.

  6. omg
    thats hot
    Nick Jonas is Jeleus

  7. leavee her alone. if you dont like her you shoulldnt be on this website much less wasting your time commetning this video watching them kiss just to critize it?you obviously have no life because yours is too boring. you probaly havent even had a kiss like that yet. so stfu because i like her. and so do alot of other people. you cant jujst call her a hoe . shes made mistakes yes, but so have you havent you ? because noones perfect.

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